Divided Light & Grilles

The look of old world genuine divided light is available for Semco windows and patio doors.

Choose from a variety of authentic and simulated options that take full advantage of modern insulating and performance techniques.

Divided Light

Our divided light options are the traditional way to get the divided light look.

Simulated Divided Light (SDL)

SDL option is available on aluminum clad or primed exterior units with muntin bar widths of ⅞", 1 ¼", and 2 ⅛". Muntin bars are permanently affixed to the interior and exterior glass surfaces. Available with or without spacer bar. The external SDL bars on primed units are extruded aluminum that has been primed with a white primer.


Grilles are another way you can get the look of individual panes of glass in your windows. Grilles can be either removable or permanent, depending on the type of grille you choose.

Full Surround Grilles

Solid wood, profiled on both sides and a sturdy exterior frame gives this grille option remarkable appeal and stability. Installs quickly, easily removed and replaced for cleaning. Available in ⅞" and 1 ¼".

Internal Grilles

Installed in the airspace of your insulating glass, our aluminum internal grilles create a bold and contemporary look that’s easy to clean. Available either flat (⅝") or contoured (23/32") in a wide selection of colors.