Environmental Information

We’re doing our part to preserve and protect the environment while helping you beautify your home.

For more than 65 years, Semco has designed and manufactured windows and doors that are recognized as some of the industry's finest. Our customers know firsthand how our products lower their heating and cooling costs.

But the production of energy efficient products is not the only way we demonstrate our concern for the environment. Respect for the environment is, quite simply, a part of our corporate culture.

Our Promise to You

We are all responsible for our own impact on the environment — both as inviduals and as corporate citizens. We must all do all we can to protect and preserve what we hold dear.

At Semco, we pledge to reduce, reuse, and recycle; to remain dedicated to the spirit of innovation that has helped us increase energy efficiency in our industry; and to extend our inventive energies into finding new ways to keep our environment clean, healthy, and sustainable.

Our quest to be even greener will continue. We owe it to those we share the world with today, and future generations to come.

Products that Conserve Energy, Manufacturing that Saves Resources

Year after year, innovation after innovation, Semco has strived to be an industry leader in thermal performance. While our quest to produce more efficient, high performance windows and doors conserves energy in home with Semco products, the way we make them is also environmentally responsible.

Wood is the primary material in our products. We use wood harvested in a sustainable way from properly managed and renewable forests, not old growth stands.

Additional product components come from suppliers with similar philosophies. We seek out vendors who demonstrate a commitment to both quality and green values. One example of our environmentally friendly approach is the vibrant, long-lasting powder coatings on our extruded aluminum clad products:

  • Paint process and application is very low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Durable finish consistent with our long product life cycle objectives
  • Unlike alternative methods, resources are conserved and the total carbon footprint of our products is reduced

There are numerous other ways we strive to manufacture responsibly.

Recycling on a Huge Scale

At Semco, we use state-of-the-art computerized planning and careful designing to get the most out of each wood component, piece of glass, and metal extrusion. We strive to recycle excess material that would become waste, frequently returning it to our own supply chain. Semco recycles aluminum cladding, wood fiber, glass, vinyl parts, and cardboard used in packaging.

Some of our recycling efforts are particularly noteworthy:

  • In one year, we recycled 117 tons of wood fiber for productive use in such products as animal bedding and composite wood fiber construction materials
  • Salvageable glass left over after laser-cutting specialty-shaped windows is returned to the manufacturer for reprocessing
  • During a typical year, we recycle almost enough aluminum to construct a Boeing 747.