Energy Star Program

Semco Windows and Doors Qualify for the Energy Star Program*, allowing you to reduce your heating and cooling costs all year long, while reducing the build-up of condensation on the inside of your windows.

In the winter, ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors help reduce your heating costs by keeping your heat where it belongs…in your home. During the summer, they can reduce the amount of radiant heat that enters your home. This keeps your home more comfortable and reduces your cooling costs.

They will also reduce the amount of Ultraviolet rays that enter your home. These are the rays that fade your carpets and interior furnishings.

ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors represent the latest in window technology to help you save money and protect the environment for all of us. When choosing an ENERGY STAR window or door, you don’t sacrifice comfort, versatility, or style. These high performance windows and doors are available in most of the same styles as non-ENERGY STAR products.

Select the Glazing Option That Best Suits Your Needs

Different parts of the country experience different climatic conditions. A home built in Minneapolis, MN, will have different needs than if it was built in San Diego, CA. Choosing the correct glazing option for your windows is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Making the right choice will help you recover the cost of your windows over a specific period of time by savings realized on your heating and cooling costs.

Energy Star Climate Zone Map

ENERGY STAR performance requirements for windows and doors are tailored to fit the energy needs of the country’s different climate regions. These regions are Northern, North/Central, South/Central and Southern. The ENERGY STAR Climate Region Map provides you with clear guidelines for determining which windows and doors will do the best job in reducing the heating and cooling costs in each region.

Energy Star qualified windows and doors make good sense for everyone

New materials, coatings, design and construction features, as well as other innoviations make ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors a cost-effective investment. ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors are 40% more efficient than products required under the most common national building codes. These products will help you use less energy to heat and cool your home. This translates into lower heating costs to you and a cleaner environment for all of us.

* Specific glazing and spacer bar options must be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR qualifications.