Care & Warranty

Semco windows and doors are built to last, and have one of the best warranties in the industry. But, just like with any fine good, proper care, upkeep, and routine maintenance can greatly extend the life of the product.


We want your windows and doors to last as long as possible. While we manufacture our products with top quality materials to ensure long life, general maintenance and upkeep is still required to keep your windows and doors looking new.

For care and maintenance tips, please view our Care & Maintenance Informational Brochure, which contains information on the following:

  • installation
  • painting/staining
  • hardware operation and adjustments
  • general cleaning
  • ongoing maintenance
  • things to avoid
  • general troubleshooting tips

If you have any additional care and/or maintenance questions, please contact us.


At Semco, we stand behind our products. All of our units come with standard warranties for both insulating glass and other (non-glass) components.

Insulating Glass

Semco offers a 20 year warranty on all insulating glass. We will either repair the defect, provide replacement insulating glass to the nearest dealer, or refund that portion of the purchase price based on the current catalog list price which is attributable to the insulating glass.

Other (Non-Glass) Components

Semco offers a 10 year warranty on all non-glass components. We will either repair or replace the defective component or refund that portion of the purchase price.

Warranty Documents

To find the full details of the warranty for your Semco windows and doors, read the document for the year in which your windows and doors were manufactured.

Replacement Parts

If your windows or doors are beyond the warranty period, you can still order replacement parts.

To order replacement parts, please visit the only online authorized source for genuine Semco Windows replacement parts,

Note: While is an authorized Semco Windows parts reseller, it is not owned or operated by Semco Windows & Doors. Please contact them with any questions or comments regarding an online order.